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Chesterton Community College got 61

Chesterton Community College got 61

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Hermes Handbags The top schools hermes kelly replica in Cambridgeshire according to GCSE hermes replica birkin bag League tablesSchools are being ranked through a new system of assessmentCould not hermes birkin bag replica subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe Department of released statistics on GCSE results and student progress today (October 16).Attainment 8 hermes bracelet replica is an average score across eight subjects taken at GCSE, which will include English, maths and a range of other subjects the higher, the better.Across Cambridgeshire, the average attainment 8 score was 47.9, while it was 46.4 for pupils across all state funded schools in England.Chesterton Community College got 61.8 points points per pupil birkin replica on this hermes birkin replica measure in the 2018 GCSEs, according to the figures released today the highest in Cambridgeshire.It was also hermes replica the school where pupils made the most progress between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4, based on Progress 8 scores.The school’s Progress 8 score was 1.05, which was well above average compared to other schools across England.Chesterton Community College headteacher Lucy Scott said: “Chesterton is delighted to have supported so many students to achieve so highly. It means they have a great start to their futures.”Progress 8 is a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the progress of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment. In 2018, it has been slightly adjusted to take account of children whose progress is much lower than similar pupils’ due to factors such as long term illness.Read MoreTop schools for English and maths birkin bag replica and the EBaccIn 2018, 74 per cent of pupils at Comberton Village College got strong passes in the new 1 9 grading system for English and maths, the highest proportion in the area.A strong pass is a Grade 5 or above nationally only 43 per cent of pupils managed to achieve these scores in both subjects.Parkside Community College saw the highest percentage of pupils locally achieve the English high quality replica bags Baccalaureate, with 72 per cent passing all of the subjects that make up the EBacc with at least a Grade 4 or Grade C.The EBacc includes qualifications in English language and literature, maths, the sciences, geography or history, and a language.This year there is a new headline measure for how well a school’s pupils are doing in the Ebacc the average points score.Pupils at Parkside Community College achieved an EBacc average points score of 5.96 in 2018, the highest locally.The average for all state schools in England was 4.03, and the maximum possible was 10.75, which is possible by achieving an A in an AS level qualification hermes replica birkin in each EBacc pillar.How well did your school do? The top ten School Attainment 8 Progress 8 Per cent grade 5 or above in English and maths Average Ebacc points score Chesterton Community College 61.8 1.05 69 5.69 Comberton Village College 60.5 0.78 74 5.55 Parkside Community College 60.3 0.72 71 5.96 St Bede’s Inter Church School 58.1 0.72 67 5.2 Sawston Village College 57.4 0.6 68 5.39 Impington Village College 54.4 0.4 54 5.1 Soham Village College 53.8 0.43 53 4.68 Swavesey Village College 53.7 0.4 59 5.1 Cottenham Village College 52.7 0.66 56 4.72 Bottisham Village College 50.5 0.07 50 4.62 Hermes Handbags.

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