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Her cell phone was never found

Her cell phone was never found

How Did Elisa Lam End Up Dead in a Hotel Water Tank

moncler jacket outlet When 21 year old college student Elisa Lam was found dead in the water tank of the Cecil Hotel (now closed) in Los Angeles in 2013, the mysterious circumstances surrounding her case captured national attention. Her body was found after guests moncler sale outlet of moncler outlet online the hotel complained about low water moncler womens jackets pressure and a strange taste, which led employees to investigate their water tanks. That’s where they found Lam’s moncler online store body, floating naked, her cheap moncler jackets womens clothes, watch and linked site room key in the water beside her. Her cell phone was never found. The coroner listed her death as a drowning. moncler jacket outlet

moncler jackets canada Lam traveled to Los Angeles from Vancouver alone, and went missing from her Cecil Hotel room soon after https://www.moncleroutletsite.com moncler outlet she arrived. After a week searching for leads, the Los Angeles Police Department released a video of her last known whereabouts: security camera footage from discount moncler jackets inside the hotel’s elevator. It was this video that sparked interest from amateur internet sleuths because of her seemingly strange behavior: Lam pushes the buttons for several floors at once, then appears to hesitantly poke her head into the hallway and look quickly moncler sale back and forth before backing moncler outlet woodbury into the elevator and ducking into the uk moncler outlet corner. moncler jackets canada

moncler coats outlet This doesn’t satisfy everyone, however. uk moncler sale The hotel’s water tanks are not easy to access; they are located on the roof of the Cecil, and only hotel staff keys unlock the doors to the roof. Lam could have used the fire escape to get onto the roof, but those trigger alarms and hotel staff say they never heard the alarms go off. Also, the openings to the water tanks moncler outlet are 10 feet moncler usa (3 meters) up, and require a ladder cheap moncler jackets mens to reach, but there were none around the night Lam ended up inside. The lid to the tank also was not hinged, leading some to wonder how the lid was cheap moncler sale closed if she got in of her own accord. moncler coats outlet

moncler outlet ny Then there’s the Cecil itself, a hotel with a storied and gory reputation. Notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez aka the Nightstalker lived there in 1984 while he killed 13 people. There were also several suicides, including one where the victim fell on top of a pedestrian, killing them both. This grisly past only helped moncler outlet sale fuel the paranormal theories, moncler outlet store buttressed by Lam’s unsettling behavior in the video. Even the footage itself is a focus cheap moncler coats mens of moncler outlet prices some conspiracy theorists, who allege that the time stamp in the bottom of the best moncler jackets frame skips forward, as if a minute moncler uk outlet of footage cheap moncler jackets were removed. It is also noted that at times while Lam appears to speak to someone, her moncler sale online mouth is pixelated, obscuring her words moncler outlet ny.

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